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Frequently asked questions.



1. How can I use DOSCH DESIGN products in Microstation V8 XM?

With the new version of Microstation, you are able to import the 3DS files (including textures) and directly use them in Microstation. Also Textures and Viz-Images products are directly compatible.


2. I'm looking for 2D-persons to use them in CAD drawings.

We recommend to use the Dosch Viz-Images products. By using their alpha-channel, you can easily place them in CAD drawings or architectural plans. If you need vector objects, you can easily vectorize the bitmap images by using for example CorelTrace etc.


3. I have downloaded the sample car from the Infobase. I work with Cinema4D - and the car appears very square-edged. How can I get the smoothed look like in the samples?

Please activate the hypernurbs tag - this will smoothen the edges.


4. 3ds max compatibility: can I load products which are compatible with 3dsmax V4 and higher in older versions of 3dsmax?

Yes, this is possible. Please import the "3ds" format models - these are useable in any older version.


5. Dosch 3D models and Vue from e-on software - which 3D format to import?

We recommend to import the Lightwave 3D-models because they provide very good looking 3D-models inside of Vue.


6. Dosch 3D in Artlantis (R): How can I use the 3D-models?

You can easily import the 3DS files into Artlantis and then add these objects to your object browser.


7. Viz Images and M-Color from Motive Systems. How can I use the cut-out images?

Motive Systems offers detailed instructions:


8. Bryce 6: which HDRI panorama format can I use?

You can use the "lightprobe" files of the Dosch HDRI products in Bryce, starting with version Bryce version 6.


9. ArchiCAD - which 3D format can I use to import 3D-models?

Please use the 3DS format to import the 3D models from Dosch Design.


10. Form.Z - which 3D file format should I use?

We recommend to use the Lightwave versions of the 3D-models to import them into Form.Z.


11. Upgrades - 50% discount on improved and expanded versions of Dosch Design products!

Owner of older Dosch Design products can purchase the latest available, updated version of those products at a 50% discount.

In order to receive the newest version of your previous product version under this upgrade program please send
1) the complete original product (CD/DVD and packaging/cover) and
2) the printed order for the new version upgrade to Dosch Design. Please use the online shopping cart function for conveniently creating the order form.

The order form will list the full product price, which will be reduced by 50% when Dosch Design receives the returned previous version in its original packaging.
IMPORTANT: Postage on the return shipment needs to be sufficient for proper delivery.


12. Which 3D-formt should I use with Photoshop CS3 Extended?

We recommend to use the 3DS files with Photoshop CS3 Extended. They work great, including their textures.


13. Is it possible to import Dosch 3D-models into SPIRIT?

Currently it is not possible to import Dosch 3D-models directly into SPIRIT, using 3DS or other formats. But you can load the 3D-models into Sketchup and write a Sketchup filw, which can be imported into SPIRIT.


14. Can I use 3D-models of Dosch Design in Pytha Radiolab?

Yes, starting with version 19 of Pytha Radiolab, you can directly open 3DS and VRML files.


15. The best 3D-format to import into Strata?


If you have any further questions please contact us.